At this time due COVID and Hospital Policy we are unable to attend in the hospital setting, but can help virtually.


Difference between a Montrice and Doula...

A doula does not perform clinical tasks.  A montrice offers clinical judgement, where as a doula is not allowed too.  Someone providing monitrice service is a midwife. However, once we go to the hospital then I become the role of the doula. This is a wonderful option for women that would like to be monitored and labor at home, but deliver in the hospital setting.

What does a Montrice do?

I do prenatal visits 
    We will discuss your goals for labor and birth

We will create a birth plan

We will work on relaxation techniques, comfort positions, and holistic remedies for comfort.

We will discuss the role you would like me to play at your birth.

A basic over view of childbirth, and  the postpartum period.

I will help assist you and your partner to make informed decisions.

I will be taking your vital signs, listen to heart tones, palpating baby's position, and upon your request cervical checks (only at term and if requested). 

24/7 on call beginning 4 weeks before your EDD, and 4 weeks after your birth.
During Labor I will provide support, help your partner with comfort measures during labor and birth. 

You can also rent a tub by request to labor at home in

Postpartum visits.
​Breastfeeding support