Jessica I would like to thank you and your team for the amazing job. This being the first time experiencing delivery with a midwife, I was not sure what to expect, I wholeheartedly supported my daughter Bre decision when she ran it across me, and had some reservations of her decision. Needless to say I love and respected her choice. Your nothing but professional and your love for what you do shines through .Your care and compassion you demonstrated yesterday was simply heartwarming  💚 This was a experience forever engraved in my HEART! Thank you all for help welcoming my granddaughter Annamaria in to the world. Truly blessed you women ROCK! 😘 so blessed to be a part of it. - Maria M.

Pre-Conception Counseling:

My foundation for sharing this journey with you is rooted in a holistic approach. We will explore and discuss your options and I will guide you on how to strengthen your body and improve your fertility by understanding your fertility windows.  Family planning is also included.

Prenatal Care:

I understand that we are all busy and schedules may be difficult to coordinate; therefore, We now have an office space that we work with our clients in. It is important to work as a team, and, your partner and family are part of that team. We will have one -hour prenatal sessions where we will cover your nutritional needs, herbs, informed decisions, exercise, and your overall stress. Vital signs will be taken. 

We will initially meet once a month for the first 28 weeks, then once every two weeks until the 36th week, at which point we will meet once a week.  Throughout these visits, we will have the opportunity to get acquainted with each other and to build trust and comfort with one another, which is the fabric of the unique and special bond that we will share as we journey closer to the birth and beyond. In addition we have different packages to fit your individual needs. 


I will join you at your home as we prepare to welcome the birth of your baby. I will be at your side every step of the way, and since we have formed a bond over the past few months, I will know exactly how to put all the pieces in place to make this the unique experience that you are seeking.  I will be following the birth plan that you have created, based on your personal needs and desires.

I will be constantly monitoring both mom and baby. I will have another midwife that will accompany me, and possibly another assistant. My supplies on hand consist of oxygen, resuscitation equipment for both mom and baby, equipment to monitor the vital signs of both mom and baby, IV supplies, homeopathics, herbs, medicines for emergency treatment, and other essentials.  There will also be a birth kit of supplies for you to purchase through Cascade Health Care.

In addition, I also work with a pediatrician on call if it is necessary, and I have photographers that work with me and will be present at your birth if the arrangements are made ahead of time. Our team also has a chiropractor and massage therapist, but that must be prearranged as well.

My commitment to you remains, even after the birth of your baby. I will stay with you to ensure that both mom and baby are stable for a length of time. I am able to suture you at home, if necessary, and I will make sure that your baby is properly latching on before I leave.

My assistant will prepare herbal remedies and make soothing pads for you to decrease the perineum swelling. Our staff will also thoroughly clean and pack up everything before we leave; we want your focus to be on each other and your newborn miracle.

Postpartum Care & Newborn Care:

My service as a midwife is comprehensive; I am your support for the entire birth process and beyond. I am on call for the family 24/7, and I will happily answer questions, concerns, and support you in every way. The first postpartum visit for mom and baby will be the next day after the birth. The subsequent visits are at 3 days, one week, and 6 weeks after the birth.  If you need me at any point in between, I will come to you. Moreover, I will be frequently checking in with you and be in constant contact; our special bond remains eternal, I will not leave you simply because you have already given birth.


I offer a holistic approach and we will discuss the options that are available during this period of your life.

Prescription Medications:

As aforementioned, I have a pediatrician on call, and in addition, a pharmacist on call in the event that prescription medications are necessary.


Our clients have full access to their charts. Through a program called clientcare app.

We serve Orange County/OC, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas for homebirth, waterbirth, and VBAC support.